SUMMER CAMP 2012 (Win, Build, Send)

One of the most amazing camp i’ve joined kahit 3 days and 2 nights lang. How the Lord showed his comfort to us, was really overwhelming. It is reeallyy true that in his presence there is fullness of joy. Our first night was amazingly superb because when the holy spirit filled us with his presence, kahit anong hold on mo sa self mo na hindi ka iiyak, iiyak ka talaga dahil his power is too great, his presence is too strong that you just want to lift your hands up and kneel down at his feet, asking for forgiveness, surrendering your life,  committing everything to him and do what it takes to glorify his name and make him a proud dad. That night I was crying really hard, I don’t know why but bastaaa, his presence was too strong that time that I can’t seem to stand up on my own because I feel so vulnerable and weak.  And nakahiga lang talaga ako sa sahig tapos umiiyak, then I just found my mouth trembling, I was then speaking in tongues. Yes it’s true, that when the holy spirit is moving in you, he allows you to have your own language that only you and God can understand. Each and everyone that night were kneeling and talking and listening and worshiping God in every way they can. BASTA! ang awesome ni Lord, kung maexperience mo sya, you’ll crave for his presence more. You’ll feel eagerness sa pag listen sa word niya. 

This may sound crazy to those who haven’t experienced it, but heck it isss aaammmmaaaazzziiinnnggg. There is freedom and peace and satisfaction and contentment and salvation in him alone.

Thank you Lord God for this wonderful experience. Let your will be done in our lives. Your plans and your promises and your love Lord God, I know they are true and they will continue to minister in us so that your fire will keep on burning as we approach the last days. Guard our hearts Lord and seal us with your love. Thank you Lord, Amen.